Delicious Oriya Food Dish Of The Week – Chungdi Malai


Delicious Oriya Dish Chungdi Malai | Image Resource:

Chungdi Malai – Out of the many variabilities in the seafood platter, Chungdi Malai is a delicious non-vegetarian dish. It is essentially a creamy prawn curry that gets its richness and silkiness from coconut milk. The dish is further enriched by treating the curry with humble and mild spices that make the prawn curry a very popular dish. I enjoyed this finger licking dish with hot steamed rice.


Delicious Dish Of The Week : Himachali Dham Dish


Himachali Dham Dish | Image Resource :

Himachali Dham Dish : I had heard so much about this dish that I did not want to miss the opportunity when I visited Himachal. It was very tasty and also a healthy dish since the ingredients used were red kidney beans, moong dal, rice and curds. They also add tamarind, jaggery and I simply couldn’t resist it when it was served in leaves which gave it a traditional touch.

Delicious Dish Of The Week : Channa Madra Dish


Delicious Chana Madra Dish | Image Resource :

Channa Madra Dish : I had the opportunity of tasting Channa Madra which is a dish of the Himachal. It’s very tasty and the best thing is that it’s the most apt dish for vegetarians as I found that no onion or garlic is used in the preparation of this dish. It is also very healthy as it’s a yoghurt based curry.

Food of The Week : Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha

Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha

Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha | Image Resource :

Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha  | Image Resource :

Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha  : The Hyderabadi Seviyan ka mitha is another lip-smacking dessert introduced by Hyderabadis’. The perfect combination of Seviyan, milk, sugar, ghee and saffron threads makes it a mouth-watering dish. Whether I’m in or out of Hyderabad, I have the recipe noted in my mind which I use to impress any new friend of relative.

Photo Of The Week : Murri Mixture Puri Visakhapatnam

Murri Mixture Puri Visakhapatnam

Murri Mixture Puri Visakhapatnam | Image Resource :

Working tirelessly in huge construction areas, I occasionally take a break and hang out with friends for eating out. Apart from the harbor and the beautiful beaches that captivated me at Vizag, it was the Murri Mixture Puri that was available in a store nearby my room. I never missed to munch on it every evening throughout my stay!

Famous food of the week : Raj Kachori At Haldirams Delhi

Raj Kachori

Raj Kachori | Image Resource:

Raj Kachori At Haldirams Delhi: My love for food and traveling gets satisfied by the nature of my work. Yes I am lucky indeed! So when I visited Delhi I had to try the Haldirams store there. They make the most amazing and unique Raj Kachoris. The pic speaks enough about the deliciousness of food I believe!

Delicious food of the week : Chaat at Prince Paan Corner Delhi

Chaat at Prince Paan Corner, Delhi

Chaat | Image Resource:

If you love street food, chaat or paan then you must definitely visit this place. This is the picture of the famous Princes Paan & Chaat Corner. All the items served here are completely hygienic, 100% veg and made from mineral water. It is located in M Block Market, Near Hotel South Delhi.