Tips for a Boating Trip : Keep Your Kids Safe

If you intend to go on a boating trip with your kids then nothing is more important than safety. Kids are active and reckless by nature and no matter how much you scare them they are bound to make mistakes.

As an adult it is your duty to keep them away from danger at the same time ensuring that you don’t become as restrictive as to kill all the fun. After all enjoying the trip is your ultimate aim. The importance of organisation cannot be overemphasised in this regard. Plan even the smallest of details. Start with the simplest of things and keep a backup plan for everything.

Boating Trip with Kids

Boating Trip with Kids | Image Resource :

The first thing is preparation. Get your safety gear before you go on the trip so that you can teach your kids how to use them properly, especially life jackets. Sometimes even adults falter in its use. Get the perfect size life jackets; if they are loose on your kids they are worthless.

Kids in Life Jacket in Boat

Kids in Life Jacket in Boat | Image Resource :

 If you intend to use toe-boats, read well regarding their use, get advice from an expert if possible. Make sure there is a chain of command. This may sound funny but in a tense situation people should know whom to listen to and follow. Be the leader and put forth some ground rules for the kids. These could be as simple as that they are not allowed to sit on the side rails, run on the boat etc.

You must also lead by example. Kids follow your activities; if you want them to wear their life jackets wear yours. Assign duty to an adult to keep an eye on the kids at all times, this is very crucial and can be difference between falling into and avoiding trouble. Teach the kids to work with you on the boat. This way it is easy to keep an eye on them and they will also stay busy enough to avoid recklessness.

Water Safety is every Parent's concern

Water Safety is every Parent’s concern | Image Resource :

Now the most crucial thing, you should try to avoid mess and confusion on the boat. Ask everybody to keep things where they belong. The biggest danger on a boat trip is somebody tripping over something lying unnoticed on the floor of the boat. This can lead to misadventures. Stay alert and careful.

Food of The Week : Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha

Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha

Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha | Image Resource :

Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha  | Image Resource :

Hyderabadi Seviyan Ka Mitha  : The Hyderabadi Seviyan ka mitha is another lip-smacking dessert introduced by Hyderabadis’. The perfect combination of Seviyan, milk, sugar, ghee and saffron threads makes it a mouth-watering dish. Whether I’m in or out of Hyderabad, I have the recipe noted in my mind which I use to impress any new friend of relative.

Vishal Prakhruti Resorts – A Stay With Comfort And Luxury

While planning a trip to Hyderabad along with my friends, I, after booking my train tickets, finally decided to look through the stay options available in the city. Going through numerous reviews and suggestions.

Vishal Prakhruti Resorts Hyderabad

Vishal Prakhruti Resorts Hyderabad | Image Resource :

 I finally decided to stay at Vishal Prakhruthi Resorts Hyderabad this time. So all packed up, we boarded the train from Bhubaneswar at around 8:30 in the morning and comfortably reached Hyderabad in around two days’ time. As soon as we reached Hyderabad we were surprised to find the moderate climate as well as a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We hired a taxi for the resort and reached there around 10 a.m

We were astounded to find in that the resort was situated in a very beautiful landscape surrounded by greenery everywhere. As we moved to the resort, we found out the resort design to be ethnic as well as at the same time, a bit contemporary.

Swimming Pool at Vishal Prakhruti Resorts Hyderabad

Swimming Pool at Vishal Prakhruti Resorts Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Upon entering, we experienced a positive aura from the place, and the staffs were humble enough to ask us what we would want for in our breakfast. We ordered some of the vegetarian food as we were informed that it was surely worth a try. Then we moved into our rooms and found it clean as well as very well maintained. From the window, we could see the clean swimming pool and were pretty much excited to find out that the place also had lawns and space available for recreational activities as well as sports.

Vishal Prakhruti Resorts Rooms

Vishal Prakhruti Resorts Rooms | Image Resource :

Asking from the hotel staff, we found that the number of tourist places was nearby for example The Charminar, Prudvith Nivas Park, etc.

We asked for the hotel staff to help us get a cab and in no time we found a cab waiting at the resort gate. We were happy that we made this choice and enjoyed our trip to Hyderabad.

The hospitality offered by the restaurant, their service and the room they offered was A-class. We would surely come again to this resort in case we decided to visit Hyderabad.

Photo of The Week : Hyderabad International Convention Center

Hyderabad International Convention Center

Hyderabad International Convention Center | Image Resource :

Hyderabad International Convention Center : The Hyderabad convention center is a beauty to look at. It is perfectly designed for the corporate needs with apt amount of lighting. The designing is exemplary and we got easily overwhelmed by the giant structure. It is one of the top tourist spots in the city of Hyderabad and the city is proud to have it.

A Paradise Of Zoology – Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad

India is a country enriched with a rich variety of flora and fauna. After wildlife protection act, it was the time that these species took a major important part of our society. Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad was initiated with the motive of preserving and feeling proud of the rich spices of wildlife the place holds. Situated near Mir Alam Tank, the zoo is a completely marvelous place to tour and enjoy the essence of nature, and its creations. Taking our journey further, we boys came here.

Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad Entance

Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad Entance | Image Resource :

There is no lack of natural landscapes in this place for the surrounding has been featured to include flawless beauty. The park was opened in 1963 by the then prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. Covering up about 380 acres, this is home for over 100 species of birds, reptiles animals and has housed some indigenous species of wildlife too.

Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad

Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Animals such as Tigers, Asiatic Lion, Rhino, Panther, Gaur, Python, elephant, deer, antelopes, Loris and a very large variety of birds that migrate are present here. The presence of this huge tank has been the basic attraction for various migratory birds that are a treat to the eye of various visitors on a daily basis.

Also, the most important feature of this place is that the natural place of this zoo artificially reserves night and day for animals. So nocturnal animals stay active and present for the visitors to enjoy the sight. The exhibit by the nocturnal house includes animals such as the slender loris, slow loris, fishing owls, hedgehogs, mottled wood owls, great horned owls, fruit bats, barn owls, civets, etc. Also aquarium shows and Dino Park, butterfly park as well as tortoise house are also a huge part of the park that are new to the visitors and attract a lot of kids.

Train to Take You Around the Park

Train to Take You Around the Park | Image Resource :

We took a safari ride around the zoo where we could see the Asiatic lion, Bengal Tiger, Sloth, bear, etc. Special educational shows for students and feeding sessions have also been organized here. The natural museum history and train are the other attractions. So when in Hyderabad do make sure to visit the zoo.

Photo of The Week : Lotus Pond Hyderabad

Lotus Pond Hyderabad

Lotus Pond Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Lotus Pond Hyderabad : I visited Madurai on a business trip and later realized I had forgotten to pack a very important pair of formal dress which I needed for the meeting I was attending. The manager at my hotel suggested that I should stop by the Vishaal De Mall and I had so many options to buy a dress because it had so many shops.

Travel Into A Whole New World Of Cars – Sudha Cars Museum Hyderabad

Passion for cars could still be a part of each kid. To look at this technological wonder covering up the streets, taking you everywhere, you want to go and also to come home with all the luxury you would dream of is wonderful. What more is prettier is when you look at how cars that were just a means of private travel have evolved through years to become a luxury and also cherish the variety of automotive artistic pieces from across the globe. So we, the automobile freak boys, went to Sudha Cars museum.

Sudha Cars Museum Hyderabad

Sudha Cars Museum Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Sudha Cars Museum, Hyderabad was built with the vision of having a place that is just as special for cars as it is to humans. Cars and bikes are all that is around, and one can have all they want of bikes and cars here. The range of sizes and colors and varieties and models and more in this place is an endless paradise for automotive lovers. The theme although revolves around custom and vintage classics. You get to see the very beauty of what these cars reflect their times.

Sudha Cars Museum

Sudha Cars Museum | Image Resource :

The museum has also received the pride of being the first ever handmade car museum in the world and has never failed to attract hundreds of people to fall in love each day. You can walk past the cars and see how gracefully they have turned to become a master memory of the age here. Also, most of the parts here have been taken from scrap.

From beach buggies to old pieces of bicycles, this place is a marvelous tour around. This handmade automobile workpiece was founded by Mr. K. Sudhakar, who has taken place in the Guinness Book of World Records for making the largest Tricycle in the world. This is one of the most innovative creations showcasing the beauty of technology in today`s world.

Cars Museum Hyderabad

Cars Museum Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Some of the coolest and craziest cars designs have taken place in this wonderful museum. This place is open to visit on all days of the week and will take around 3 hours to enjoy and cherish every car here. The place is open for visitors from 9:30 in the morning to 6 pm in the night. This tour made us fall in love with vintage all over again!