Toshali Royal View Resort – A Perfect Blend Of Adventure And Tranquility!

After a well spent day exploring the wildlife diaries of Lipa Asrang Sanctuary, I was very much content. I knew there are more places which I wanted to explore in Kinnaur, and so I decided to stay back. I quickly took the help of a local guide and booked a nice budget hotel.


Aerial View of Hotel Tohshil Royal View | Image resource :

The hotel was small but it had enough amenities to make my stay comfortable. However, I couldn’t forget my stay at Toshali Royal View Resort, Shimla. This resort was one of the best getaways after a hectic and long journey. Located at the center of Shimla, Chail and Kufri, this resort is amidst the beautiful nature, enveloped in lush greenery. The best part is that it’s away from the crowded city and offers the best amenities for utter relaxation.


Front View, Hotel Tohshil Royal View | Image Resource :

As soon as I entered the resort I was greeted cordially by the staff. The room was well equipped with amenities. My room had large window panes and as soon as I peeped out of my window I could see the beautiful valley. I really felt like I was resting in the lap of nature which made my stay unforgettable. As soon as I was all settled in the resort, I decided to explore it. The resort was a perfect package for an enjoyable stay which included a swimming pool, health club, sauna bath, gaming room and also a discotheque.


Vally View from Hotel Tohshil Royal | Image Resource :

Most importantly, the feature that caught my eye was that the resort provided adventurous activities like mountain trekking and biking along with sightseeing. I was more interested in mountain trekking and so I made a booking right away. Then I went ahead enjoyed some foot tapping music at the discotheque and enjoyed the mouth watering cuisine at the restaurant.


Royal Room, Hotel Tohshil Royal View | Image Resource :

So, the plan for the next morning was fixed and as planned I woke up early. I took a quick dip in the swimming pool and went for a nice morning walk and believe me it was truly refreshing. I then went for the much awaited adventure – the trekking. It was so revitalizing and gave me the prefect adrenaline rush which I was waiting for a long time.


Delicious Dish Of The Week : Channa Madra Dish


Delicious Chana Madra Dish | Image Resource :

Channa Madra Dish : I had the opportunity of tasting Channa Madra which is a dish of the Himachal. It’s very tasty and the best thing is that it’s the most apt dish for vegetarians as I found that no onion or garlic is used in the preparation of this dish. It is also very healthy as it’s a yoghurt based curry.

Travel Photo of The Week : Bering Nag Temple Shimla


Bering Nag Temple, Shimla | Image Resource :

Bering Nag Temple Shimla : “Bering Nag Temple, Sangla Valley, Himachal Pradesh is visited by a large crowd every year, especially in the months of August and September. This temple is auspicious for Hindus and a landmark place of worship. Lord Shiva is worshiped in this temple. The “Fulaich Fair” is an important event attended by people every year. Local people worship in this temple for the well-being of the village and its inhabitant.”

Destination of The Week : Hotel Marina Shimla


Beautiful View of Hotel Marina, Shimla | Image Resource :

Hotel Marina Shimla : My work demand took me to the beautiful city of Shimla. I got a chance to stay at the luxurious Hotel Marina located amidst the lush green landscape of Shimla. The eye-striking hotel made me curious to know about it more and in the process I got to know that it was considered as one of the most prestigious hotels during the British rule. Being a Civil engineer, I could see clearly that the renovation has been done in contemporary style keeping the charm intact. This hotel has well-equipped rooms with exclusive facilities. It has multi-cuisines restaurants, banquet halls, and many more.

Travel Photo of The Week : Kinner Kailash Kinnaur


Scenic Beauty of  Nako Lake, Kinnaur | Image Resource :

Nako Lake Kinnaur : “The picturesque city of Shimla has a lot to offer that you will cherish for your lifetime. One such place is Nako Lake, Kinnaur. This lake is a high altitude lake that forms part of the boundary of Nako village.You will find 4 Buddhist temples near the lake that in itself is a treat to the eyes. This lake is surrounded by willow and poplar trees. My visit to this scenic place was truly a memorable one.”

Travel Photo Of The Week : Kinner Kailash Kinnaur


Kinner Kailash Mountain, Kinnaur  | Image Resource :

Kinner Kailash Kinnaur : It is a well-known fact that mountains and terrains of Himachal Pradesh, India are like heaven on earth. Kinner Kailash, Kinnaur is one such eye-striking place. It has a height of 6050 meters and the snow-clad sight is great to be captured in your lenses. This mountain is considered sacred by both Hindu and Buddhist due to its various religious beliefs.

Destination of The Week : Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla


Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla | Image Resource :

Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla : The architecture of Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Simla depicts the royal legacy of the British era. The charm is intact till today, making it a must visit place on Shimla tour. This beautiful place has scenic beauty and great historical significance. The very famous Simla Conference was held here in 1945. This institute focus on Humanities, Social Sciences and Life Science as its prime academic course.