Swami Vivekananda Jayanti 2016 Wishes


Swami Vivekananda Jayanti 2016 | Image Resource: funnydam.com

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti 2016 Wish : Swami Vivekananda is famed for his speech which he made in the United States. The speech began with him addressing the crowds as ‘Brothers and Sisters of America’ and the first sentence itself sent waves of appreciation. He actively preached modern Hinduism and is remembered for the same till date.


Delicious Dish Of The Week : Himachali Dham Dish


Himachali Dham Dish | Image Resource : viralstories.in

Himachali Dham Dish : I had heard so much about this dish that I did not want to miss the opportunity when I visited Himachal. It was very tasty and also a healthy dish since the ingredients used were red kidney beans, moong dal, rice and curds. They also add tamarind, jaggery and I simply couldn’t resist it when it was served in leaves which gave it a traditional touch.

Chirstmas Wish 2016


Merry Christmas Greeting | Image Resource : xmaswishes1.wordpress.com

Christmas Greetings : May this Christmas all your wishes and dreams come true. I am planning to visit a local village for this Christmas to celebrate the special day with the local cuisine prepared by the localities there. I would love to capture everything on my lenses and share it with you all.

Take Off To Heights Like A Bird With Paragliding In Manali!

Hi all of you, I am Aadarsh Dash, the civil engineer who is lucky enough to have the opportunity of visiting lots of places because of the work profile I have. I love travelling and am also a die-hard foodie, having the distinction of tasting food of nearly 200 types. I like trekking and adventure tourism. The latest on the list is paragliding In Manali.

adventure sports in manali

Paragliding Sites In Manali | Image Resource : godiscoverabroad.com

Paragliding is one adventure sport that has picked up a lot all over, and I feel Manali is best suited to undertake this activity. Just 14 kms away from Manali, is Kullu valley at Solang valley, where paragliding facilities are available all through the year.


Breakthrough View of paraglider | Image Resource : traveltriangle.com

There are other locations too at Marhi, Fatru and Bijli Mahadev. There are two kinds of flights that are available, for short flights which can be taken along with the pilot on a two seater paraglider and a high flying, which can be taken solo ,which is for the slightly experienced people.

Packaging the Thrill Of Flying High: Paragliding In Manali

What I discovered in Manali were the convenient packages offered for paragliding. The Dare Adventure has 1 night and 2 day package in Manali. The experienced staff at this activity is sure to guide one through the high as well as short flight with the greatest of comfort. It also does make provisions for the services to be custom made too.

The Himalayan Raider is one adventure club that makes good arrangements for paragliding activity that is able make one enjoy soaring over the skies in joy and thrill. The highly trained pilots make sure that the ride is safe. Here this sport has three categories. The first is the joy ride which I took. It lasted for 3 minutes and flew to height of 300 mtrs above the ground.


High Ride Paragliding | Image Resource: holidayheightsmanali.com

The next level is High ride that takes off from the slopes lasting for nearly for 8 to 15 minutes at 800 meters. The third type is the Long Ride that takes off from Gulaba or Rohtang peaks lasting for 25 minutes or 1 hour. Covering a distance of 3 kms, if offers a breathtaking view of the valleys and peaks. I definitely look forward to taking the second and third type of paragliding soon.

Shimla Summer Hill Is One Step To Serenity!

My journey via taxi from Kalka to Shimla was one wonderful journey. I was awestruck with the picturesque sights on my way to Shimla. One such tourist spot that won my heart was the Summer Hill Shimla.


Picturesque View of Summer Hill | Image Resource : cloudfront.net

The Shimla Summer Hill is an extremely beautiful and wondrous tourist spot and it falls between Kalka and Shimla. Summer Hill is also known as the Potter’s Hill as several potters would come here to pay a visit for gathering clay for making pots. When I stepped out of my car, I was astonished to see the place enveloped in the tranquil beauty of hills, which gave me peace and energy after a long tiring journey.


Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur House | Image Resource : eventseeker.com

When I explored more I got a piece of information that Mahatma Gandhi was associated with this place. During his visits to Himachal Pradesh, he resided over at the Georgian House of Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur. I was awestruck with the artistic and remarkable architecture of this place and it truly mesmerized me. My camera lens left no stone unturned in capturing the beautiful sights of this place. While clicking pictures I took a nice stroll alongside to feel the warmth of Mother Nature. The trees like pine and deodar added to the beauty of the place, but the most awesome moment was the exciting view of the snow clad mountain terrains.


Beautiful View of Rashtrapathi Niwas | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

I took a nice stroll, clicked some amazing pictures but I couldn’t miss taking a nice enjoyable ride on the horse through the dense forest regions. I also visited Rashtrapathi Niwas, also known as Viceregal Lodge and I was enthralled to see ancient articles and photographs that date way back in the British rule in India. The architecture is so mind blowing that I am sure it is a treat for architecture lovers.

Well, Shimla Summer Hill is not just meant for tourists, but many students do flock here to get admitted in Himachal Pradesh University. This university is rich in education as it offers various post-graduate programmes in various subjects. After visiting this beautiful place, I was sure that the rest of my journey is going to be worthwhile.

Toshali Royal View Resort – A Perfect Blend Of Adventure And Tranquility!

After a well spent day exploring the wildlife diaries of Lipa Asrang Sanctuary, I was very much content. I knew there are more places which I wanted to explore in Kinnaur, and so I decided to stay back. I quickly took the help of a local guide and booked a nice budget hotel.


Aerial View of Hotel Tohshil Royal View | Image resource : tohshilroyalview.com

The hotel was small but it had enough amenities to make my stay comfortable. However, I couldn’t forget my stay at Toshali Royal View Resort, Shimla. This resort was one of the best getaways after a hectic and long journey. Located at the center of Shimla, Chail and Kufri, this resort is amidst the beautiful nature, enveloped in lush greenery. The best part is that it’s away from the crowded city and offers the best amenities for utter relaxation.


Front View, Hotel Tohshil Royal View | Image Resource : tohshilroyalview.com

As soon as I entered the resort I was greeted cordially by the staff. The room was well equipped with amenities. My room had large window panes and as soon as I peeped out of my window I could see the beautiful valley. I really felt like I was resting in the lap of nature which made my stay unforgettable. As soon as I was all settled in the resort, I decided to explore it. The resort was a perfect package for an enjoyable stay which included a swimming pool, health club, sauna bath, gaming room and also a discotheque.


Vally View from Hotel Tohshil Royal | Image Resource : tohshilroyalview.com

Most importantly, the feature that caught my eye was that the resort provided adventurous activities like mountain trekking and biking along with sightseeing. I was more interested in mountain trekking and so I made a booking right away. Then I went ahead enjoyed some foot tapping music at the discotheque and enjoyed the mouth watering cuisine at the restaurant.


Royal Room, Hotel Tohshil Royal View | Image Resource : tohshilroyalview.com

So, the plan for the next morning was fixed and as planned I woke up early. I took a quick dip in the swimming pool and went for a nice morning walk and believe me it was truly refreshing. I then went for the much awaited adventure – the trekking. It was so revitalizing and gave me the prefect adrenaline rush which I was waiting for a long time.

Delicious Dish Of The Week : Channa Madra Dish


Delicious Chana Madra Dish | Image Resource : boldsky.com

Channa Madra Dish : I had the opportunity of tasting Channa Madra which is a dish of the Himachal. It’s very tasty and the best thing is that it’s the most apt dish for vegetarians as I found that no onion or garlic is used in the preparation of this dish. It is also very healthy as it’s a yoghurt based curry.