Sundarbans National Park – Home of Royal Bengal Tiger

I was really looking forward to visiting the Sundarbans National Park during this visit to Kolkata. I boarded a steamer from Kolkata and left for Sundarbans after having my lunch at a restaurant. The steamer ride was something that I shall remember for the rest of my life. The cool afternoon breeze on the River Hooghly was very soothing indeed. The ride was a very comfortable one. Usually the tourists had to take a train to Namkhana and then board a boat from there. However on certain days direct steamers are available from Kolkata to Sundarbans during the peak tourist season. The steamer was a new one and everyone was really enjoying the comfortable ride.

Steamer to reach Sundarbans National Park

Steamer to reach Sundarbans National Park | Image Resource :

After a long steamer ride, we reached Sundarbans in the evening. All the tourists went to their respective guest houses to retire for the night. The following morning, we started our tour after breakfast. I was dumbstruck at the dense cover of forests on both sides of the river. Everyone hoped to catch a glimpse of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger at its own habitat. I kept my camera close at hand to take a photograph. The sundari trees were unique in their biological setup. It was an amazing experience to view the breathing roots of the trees which I had read about in my Biology books. We spotted a lot of deer and other animals during our trip. However, the Royal Bengal Tiger was still elusive to us. Some of my co-tourists were growing impatient. The experienced steamer drivers asked everyone to be patient.

Royal Bengal Tiger At Sundarbans

Royal Bengal Tiger At Sundarbans | Image Resource :

Marsh Crocodiles Bathing In River

Marsh Crocodiles Bathing In River | Image Resource :

We had a good lunch on the steamer itself. At one place we saw a lot of crocodile sun bathing at an opening on the banks of the river. It was quite baffling to know how the local fishermen go to catch their fish ignoring the dangers to their life. Towards the end of our trip at Sundarbans National Park, when everyone had given up hope, the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger was seen. We were really thrilled to see it. I managed to take a couple of photos. It made the trip worthwhile. We headed back to our guest houses for the day.