Inspirational Quotes of The Month By Pele


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“Success is no is hard work, perserverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what are you doing.” – Pele, Hard work, perseverance, learning, studying and sacrifice are the only efforts in this world which will take you closer to success and help you achieve it. Simultaneously love, a key factor towards what you do is crucial in determining the role you will be playing in your life and will help you achieve all your goals and dreams.


Inspirational Travel Quote of The Week – Helen Keller


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Travel Quote By Helen Keller – This quote by Helen Keller has never failed to inspire me to achieve better and be more successful in life. Helen Keller was deaf, blind and dumb and yet she never gave up and kept pushing forward till the very end. She helped others like herself achieve better too and never quit.

Travel Quote of the Week

Travel Quote

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This famous quote always encourages me to travel more and just more. It is true that the memories and moments we capture during our travel, they can’t be bought because few things can only be felt. For example ‘pounding heart during first flight’, ‘jumping off the cliff’ and many more.

Quote of the week – Martin Luther King Jr

Quote of the week

Quote of the week

Martin Luther King Jr: What a beautiful quote by the great Martin Luther King Jr. “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education” , I totally agree with his thoughts. Education should not only offer intellectual progress but also personal growth. Education should make you a better person otherwise it is useless.